DigiCert QuoVadis

Application Solutions

QuoVadis provides signing applications that can sign and validate documents and files. Customers are also supported through the implemntation of these applications.

QuoVadis sealsign Digital Signature and Validation Application
The sealsign digital signature and validation application supports the legally binding signing of any electronic file. The use of sealsign enables compliance with relevant laws including electronic signing (Bundesgesetz über die elektronische Signatur ZertES) as well as electronic invoicing (Verordnung des Eidgenössischen Finanzdepartements über elektronische Daten und Informationen ElDI-V) and electronic archiving (Geschäftsbücherverordnung GeBüV). With the use of digital signatures, the recipient and the legislator are assured of the authenticity and integrity of a file/document. Whether for SMEs or large companies, sealsign can optimize business processes and reduce costs. more

With Sign! the QuoVadis SuisseID customers receive a free PDF full client to fill out and sign PDF forms. Sign! offers the possibility to generate signature fields by one click to place a legally binding electronic signature with certificate information and further information. In addition, individual options in relation to the content and the look of the signature are possible. more