DigiCert QuoVadis

Signing Services

Digital signatures provide the basis to identify the signer of an electronic record and to protect the integrity of the data within it. QuoVadis provides alternatives to in-house solutions with the possibility to sign and validate documents with QuoVadis Signing Services “in the cloud”. The confidentiality and data security of the documents is guaranteed. Only the compressed unreadable documents (HASH) are submitted to the external services for signing or validation using SSL encryption. The legible original documents do not leave the system environment of the customer.

SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis 
Create legally binding digital signatures with the SuisseID Signing Service from QuoVadis, without requiring a Smartcard or USB Token. The service allows flexible signing and workflow processes on mobile and local devices, as well as on centralized platforms, providing convenience for users. more

QuoVadis Personal Signing Service
QuoVadis Personal Signing Service offers an easily implemented “signing as a service” solution allowing both internal and external users to sign PDF documents from any device. QuoVadis Personal Signing Service avoids the issues of desktop support for smartcard drivers or signing software. more

QuoVadis sealsign cloud
QuoVadis sealsign cloud supports the legally binding signing of any electronic file. The use of sealsign clud enables compliance with relevant laws including electronic signing (Bundesgesetz über die elektronische Signatur ZertES) as well as electronic invoicing (Verordnung des Eidgenössischen Finanzdepartements über elektronische Daten und Informationen ElDI-V) and electronic archiving (Geschäftsbücherverordnung GeBüV). more

QuoVadis Qualified Time-Stamping Service
QuoVadis time-stamps combine accurate time with tamperproof digital signature to enhance the data integrity of an electronic record. more