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Signing Services

Digital signatures provide the basis to identify a signer of an electronic document beyond doubt and to protect the integrity of the data contained in it. With the digital signing solutions (QuoVadis Signing Service and PrimoSign Engine) of QuoVadis documents can be signed digitally and legally.

10 good reasons for the qualified personal electronic signature:

1. legally valid: the qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature
2. increased security: safer than the handwritten signature!
3. easier compliance and better traceability
4. integrity protection: the protection against changes is automatically included
5. convenient and fast: any time, any place and any time 
6. reaching future decision-makers of generation Y and Z: anytime, anywhere and immediately
7. added value: increase of process efficiency thanks to digitization
8. cost reduction: compared to analog signature processes. No expensive media breaks
9. modern and innovative: positioning as a modern & innovative service provider
10. ecological

The QuoVadis Signing Service and PrimoSign Engine:
Personal, legal, tokenless and highly secure digital signing solutions

As an alternative to in-house solutions, QuoVadis offers the option of having documents signed and validated "in the cloud" using QuoVadis signing services. The confidentiality and data security of the documents is always guaranteed. Only the unreadable compressed documents (HASH) are transferred to the QuoVadis services for signing and validation. The readable original documents do not leave the customer's system Environment.

QuoVadis Signing Service (personal signing service), successor solution to SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis
With the QuoVadis Signing Service, legally valid electronic signatures can be created without the use of a smart card or USB token. It also convinces with an unlimited signing volume. Optimally suited for one-sided signing requirements (without the involvement of external parties such as end customers or partners). more

PrimoSign Engine (personal signing service)
With PrimoSign Engine we provide you and your customers with legally valid and completely digital application and signature processes, whether for internal (e.g. in the area of human resources) or external (e.g. signing contracts with customers) signature processes. Through a fully web-based approach, your PDF documents can be legally signed electronically - without any software installations or tokens. Simple, without media breaks, highly secure and fully integrated into your existing customer journey and applications. Say goodbye to time-consuming and expensive analog signing processes via printing, sending, waiting, scanning and manual archiving. more

Further signing services

QuoVadis sealsign cloud (signing service with company certificate)
QuoVadis sealsign cloud supports the electronic signing of any file type with a company certificate. This applies to electronic signatures using company certificates (Federal Act on Electronic Signatures ZertES) as well as to electronic invoicing and archiving (Ordinance on Business Books GeBüV). more

QuoVadis qualified time stamp service
The qualified time stamp of QuoVadis proves in the form of an electronic notarial confirmation that certain data or documents were undoubtedly available at a certain point in time. more