DigiCert QuoVadis

DigiCert+QuoVadis Digital Signing Service «Engine»

 DigiCert+QuoVadis Digital Signing Service «Engine» (DSS «Engine») digitizes and maximizes your signature processes

With DSS «Engine» we provide you and your customers with legally valid and completely digital application and signature processes, whether for internal (e.g. in the area of human resources) or external (e.g. signing contracts with customers) signature processes. Through a completely web-based approach, your PDF documents can be legally signed electronically. Simple, without media breaks, highly secure and fully integrated into your existing customer journey and applications. Say goodbye to time-consuming and expensive analog signing processes via printing, sending, waiting, scanning and manual archiving.

Real added value for you and your customers

DSS «Engine» convinces with the following profitable Features:

  • QuoVadis is accredited for qualified certificates and signatures in Switzerland according to the Swiss Signature Act (ZertES) and for qualified certificates in the European Union as a regulated Trust Service Provider according to the eIDAS Regulation
  • Seamless implementation into existing customer applications
  • Zero Footprint: 100% Browser-based
  • Integration of external parties in signing process possible
  • Certificate generation on-the-fly: immediate and without lead time 
  • Highly secure and data protection compliant: Documents to be signed never leave the customer environment, only the hash value of your document is transmitted to us.
  • Process security through reversal of the burden of proof: In contrast to handwritten signatures, you do not have to prove the legally valid signature of your contractual partner in the event of a dispute, but your contractual partner must prove that he/she has not signed.
  • Significant efficiency gains through faster signing processes
  • Strong cost reduction compared to analog signature processes
  • Opening of new sales channels: you win your customers legally valid and completely digital
  • Legal conclusion of contracts with your customers independent of location, time and Equipment

How does DigiCert+QuoVadis Digital Signing Service «Engine» work?

Your familiar working environment remains unchanged.
DSS «Engine» acts completely in the background for you and is implemented into your existing applications and worklows via a REST API (integration interface). Users, whether internal employees or external customers, remain in their familiar working environment, which significantly increases their usage and completion rates.

Opening a bank account on Sunday from the sofa

Through digital onboarding with partners, QuoVadis enables financial institutions to acquire new customers completely digitally and without media disruptions. Within a few minutes, the new customer identifies himself electronically by means of a video chat and thus receives his qualified certificate "on the fly", with which he can then conclude legally compliant contracts directly online with the financial institution. Outside office hours, conveniently from any location - for example from home - and with any device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

More information

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