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QuoVadis Signing Service Emergency

NEW: Sign documents digitally and contactless from your home office. Simplified procedure due to VZertES emergency ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council. Valid from 01.04.2020 to 01.10.2020 

QuoVadis and Intrum AG support the Swiss economy during the current COVID 19 pandemic and offer Video Identification and eSigning, a new, completely contactless solution for legally valid digital document signing in the home office. The previously required personal identification to authorize the signing solution is no longer necessary.

In times of home office, electronic signing is becoming essential for many companies in order to continue to work efficiently and securely. Now you and your employees can sign electronically within a few days - even if you work from home. Thanks to video identification and the ability to digitally sign documents in a legally valid manner, personal contacts can be avoided and your business can continue to operate efficiently.

Start video identification for QuoVadis Signing Service Emergency now!

To get you ready:

  • Have your valid identity card ready (CH passport, CH ID or an identity card recognised for entry into Switzerland)
  • For secure video identification you need a device with camera (mobile phone, tablet, laptop)
  • Recommendation: Use WLAN or 4G whenever possible and try to avoid the company network to allow access to the camera
  • The identification takes only 5 minutes
  • The processing time for issuing the certificate is currently three to five working days due to the high demand.
  • Opening hours for video identification: Mon - Sat from 07:00 - 22:00
    • Public holidays (closed)
      • 10 April: Good Friday
      • 13 April: Easter Monday
      • 1 May: Labour Day
      • 1 June: Whit Monday
      • 1 August: National Holiday

Important conditions for the QuoVadis Signing Service Emergency due to emergency regulations:

  • Identification by video for a regulated certificate is possible for all industries until 01.10.2020.
  • Certificates which are issued with a video identification are valid until 01.10.2020 only*. The validity will be extended to a total of 3 years without cost implications if
    - a personal identity check is carried out and submitted before 01.10.2020
    - the certificate is used in a contractual relationship with a financial intermediary
  • Electronic signatures generated during the validity period remain valid indefinitely.
  • *The Federal Council may shorten the expiry date in accordance with the Emergency Ordinance. 

With the QuoVadis Signing Service, legally valid electronic signatures can be created without the use of a smartcard or USB token. No additional infrastructure or hardware is required, the service works «out of the box». This makes the application much easier for the user and enables digital, flexible signature and workflow processes on mobile and local devices as well as central application platforms. This results in significant efficiency advantages and associated time and cost savings compared to traditional, analog signature processes.

Start video identification for QuoVadis Signing Service Emergency now!

QuoVadis Signing Service: Real added value for your business processes

A user-friendly and transparent handling, flexible registration and rollout processes as well as simple and fast commissioning are important success factors in meeting the diverse requirements of companies. Furthermore, your documents remain in your possession at all times and never leave your system environment. The QuoVadis Signing Service meets all these requirements and enables legally binding electronic signatures in accordance with the Swiss Signature Act (ZertES). Without expensive media disruption and at any time, regardless of time and place. Thanks to the unlimited signing volume, you don't have to worry about how many documents you will digitally sign with it.
Price: CHF 380.- per person with unlimited signing volume over 3 years. Please note the above-mentioned restrictions regarding the validity of the identification.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Legally valid (equivalent to a handwritten signature) digital signing without a smartcard or USB token
  • Unlimited signing volume
  • Highly efficient, time and cost saving due to fast signing processes. Downstream processes can be digitized and automated.
  • Highly secure and data protection compliant: Documents to be signednever leave the customer environment
  • No loss or damage of the certificate holder possible
  • Includes strong two-factor authentication via smartphone
  • No portal integration or additional infrastructure required
  • User-friendly and easy to understand application
  • Simple, guided & fast commissioning
  • Immediately usable for all Windows applications
  • Qualified time stamp included
  • High quality service from the trust center of QuoVadis
  • Highest possible security and availability (certificates are always and everywhere available)
  • Meets the high requirements of the legislator (ZertES Swiss Signature Act)
  • AATL compliant: automatic detection in Adobe

For further information and a process description, our FACTSHEET provides a good overview or contact us directly at +41 71 228 98 97 or by mail to sales.ch@quovadisglobal.com.

Start video identification for QuoVadis Signing Service Emergency now!