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SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis

With the SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis, legally binding electronic signatures can be created without the use of a smart card or USB token. This considerably simplifies the usage for the user and enables flexible signature and workflow processes using mobile devices as well as local and centralized application platforms.

SuisseID goes Business
A user-friendly and transparent handling, flexible registration and deployment processes as well as a simple and cost-effective integration are key success factors to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The SuisseID Signing Service meets all of these needs and enables legally binding electronic signatures according to Swiss signature regulation (ZertES) - without media discontinuity regardless of location, time or used device - without smart cards or USB tokens.

The SuisseID Signing Service integrates into the corporate IT infrastructure in a simple way and enables a service using QuoVadis’ accredited Trustcenter and certificate infrastructure.

The issuance of a SuisseID requires identification of the certificate holders (Signature regulation). QuoVadis provides comfortable on premise identification services. Alternatively, users can have themselves identified by SBB or Post.

Shortly after the reception of the necessary application documents, QuoVadis creates and saves the SuisseID certificates in the QuoVadis Trustcenter and provides a simple driver software to be install on the client’s computer. The driver publishes the users’ certificates automatically into the Windows certificate store. Nearly all software that has signature capabilities uses this certificate store to look for certificates. This means, nearly all signature software is compatible with the SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis.

The documents never leave the customers’ IT environment for the signature process. Only hash values of documents and the authentication information get transmitted securely to the QuoVadis Trustcenter in Switzerland.

Strong two-factor authentication required by law is part of the offer. If the customer already uses an authentication solution, QuoVadis can easily integrate it into the process.

Tried and tested technology
The SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis builds on the established true-Sign platform by Keyon AG. Many medium and large companies use this service in the area of corporate signatures according to Swiss E-Invoicing and Archiving regulations. SIX Terravis AG successfully uses the SuisseID Signing Service by QuoVadis since 2012 for a platform, which enables electronic commerce between the land registry office, banks and notaries.

Advantages and Features

  • SuisseID-compliant without smart card and USB token
  • there is no hardware that could be damaged or broken
  • strong two-factor authentication
  • SuisseID certificates are available virtually anytime and anywhere
  • no complicated integration or additional infrastructure required
  • user-friendly and easy-to-use
  • all Windows applications with signature functionality can use the service
  • enabled on Windows tablets
  • including qualified time stamps 
  • service hosted in the Swiss Trustcenter of QuoVadis which is compliant with requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
  • maximum safety and availability
  • meets the requirements of the legislator (ZertES, ElDI-V, GeBüV)