DigiCert QuoVadis

QuoVadis Qualified Time-Stamping Service

QuoVadis Time-Stamp is a "trusted third party" service that cryptographically seals electronic data and documents by applying a tamperproof digital signature and accurate time from an auditable UTC source.

Time-Stamps provide a cost effective solution for organisations seeking to reinforce data integrity and non-repudiation in the tracking, storage/archive, or submission of electronic records in applications, document management systems, or transactional websites.

  • Time-Stamps use digital signatures and verifiable time source to independently confirm WHAT happened WHEN.
  • If desired, Time-Stamps may be combined with individual signatures to further support the integrity of electronic documents by declaring WHO signed WHAT.

QuoVadis Time-Stamps assist in fulfilling key security and regulatory requirements under the laws of most business jurisdictions. As any electronic document can be time-stamped, Time-Stamps are well suited to protect audit and log data. Small amounts for the use of personal certificates, for example SuisseID, are available free of charge. Larger amounts of Time-Stamps are subject to a relevant service contract to ensure legal compliance and QuoVadis liability provisions.

Features and Benefits

  • QuoVadis Qualified Time-Stamping Service, compliant with RFC 3161.
  • Independently audited to international standards (including ETSI TS 101.023) for enhanced non-repudiation.
  • Stamped with a verifiable time source.
  • Simple integration toolkit supporting most commonly used platforms.
  • Rapid rollout with simple deployment, enhancing security without significant changes to applications or business practices.
  • Secure and scalable to your needs.
  • Subscription based service with reliable annual costs.