DigiCert QuoVadis

QuoVadis Managed CA Service

QuoVadis Managed CA Service provides a cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to building an in-house enterprise certification authority.

QuoVadis has a decade of experience operating outsourced certification authorities for organisations and governments. Our investment in facilities and technology means that we can rapidly roll out entirely bespoke PKIs, balanced with the policy and audit expertise to meet the trust needs of specific organisations or communities.

Moreover, the QuoVadis-issued certificates are trusted in most commonly used software.

The QuoVadis full service provides all the necessary services, such as:

  • Setup and management of a custom Issuing CA in the QuoVadis Trust Center using our proven managed PKI platforms
  • Trustlink tools to register and manage users
  • Customisation to ensure that the managed CA integrates with the client’s systems and processes
  • Conceptual and practical assistance for the establishment and operation of the customer certificate solution
  • Advice in establishing the necessary Policies (CP / CPS)

Our manged PKIs operate from QuoVadis' high security data center, which includes a secure facility with redundant telecommunications, power, and cooling systems as well as 24 hour guard service.  QuoVadis' PKIs undergo accreditation by international bodies and operate under advanced Service Level Agreements.

The QuoVadis Managed CA Service offers a very attractive alternative to an in-house CA in terms of costs, staff commitment and management oversight, as well as implementation time.