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Increased certificate security through stricter validation: Email Control Validation (ECV) comes into force on 25 November 2019
15 Nov 2019

The CA/Browser Forum - an industry committee consisting of certification authorities (CA's) and web browsers with the aim of establishing standards for communication security on the Internet - demands a strict implementation of the requirements for the validation of e-mail addresses published in certificates. The previously common delegation of validation to third parties will no longer be tolerated - validation must be carried out completely and independently by the issuing Certificate Authority.

From 25 November 2019, new certificates containing an e-mail address (in particular S/MIME Secure E-Mail Certificates) can only be issued after either the domain or the e-mail address has been correctly validated. This new regulation applies worldwide and to all Certification Authorities.

QuoVadis, as a member of the CA/Browser Forum, supports this measure as it increases the quality and security of the certificate and thus for Internet users.

This new regulation only affects new certificates to be issued from November 25, 2019 and has no influence on your certificates issued before. However, we recommend that you carry out the required validation of the domain(s) already today in order to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted renewal of certificates in the future.

Our validation team will be happy to advise and support you in the implementation of this new directive: T +41 71 228 98 00 or e-mail register.ch@quovadisglobal.com