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In the electronic world, the concept of “trustworthiness” takes on an expanded meaning. Users need to both verify each other’s identity and to establish trust in the electronic transactions underpinning their business.

Digital certificates and electronic signatures are a key means to promote online security and trust.

A digital certificate is a non-forgeable form of electronic ID that may be used to identify its owner online, to encrypt data, and to create tamperproof electronic signatures.

An electronic signature binds the identity of the signer (WHO) with the content of the transaction (WHAT) using advanced cryptography to reveal if changes have been made since the signature was made. In addition, a time-stamp may be used to provide independent verification of the transaction contents (WHEN).

QuoVadis is an internationally-recognized CSP (certification service provider) and holds important accreditations under standards including Webtrust, Swiss ZertES, and ETSI.

QuoVadis has set itself the objective making the request and issuance of digital certificates as efficient as possible for our customers. These include a possible simple registration process for applicants and a rapid delivery of the required certificate.

QuoVadis’ root certificates are widely distributed in software, allowing our certificates to be easily deployed and used by diverse customers. QuoVadis is a Microsoft Root Certificate Program Member.

Each type of QuoVadis certificate has its own identification and authentication requirements.