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QuoVadis Qualified Personal Certificates

Legally valid digitalization of signature processes

The QuoVadis qualified personal certificate (Qualified Personal Certificate and Qualified Commercial Certificate) meets the highest requirements of the Swiss Signature Act (ZertES) and the European Standard (ETSI). It is used for the creation of legally binding digital signatures (equivalent to handwritten signatures according to the Swiss Code of Obligations OR) and is used for the electronic signing of documents.

The qualified personal certificate can only be issued to natural persons. On request, it is also possible to have the name of the organisation (company, firm, organisation, association, association, etc.), the company-internal organisational unit and/or the function of the certificate holder registered. It is also possible to use a pseudonym instead of the certificate holder's name, which also enables anonymous digital and legally valid signature processes.


The issuance of personal qualified signatures is strictly regulated in the respective legal regions (CH: Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ZertES). The issuance of certificates, based on the recognized due diligence standards, requires an identity check of the certificate holder at a recognized identity verification agency such as QuoVadis. Other options include municipal administration/city administration, SBB Change/Western Union "SBB Customer Identification", Swiss Post "Yellow Identification", notary's offices, mobilezone Shop, Swiss SME Association SKV. QuoVadis is also able to delegate this identification check to its customers, which makes the process much easier, especially in large companies with many applicants. The prerequisites for this can be explained in a non-binding consultation.

The electronic certificate and the corresponding personal key must be stored on a secure signature creation device. The standard term of the certificate is 3 years.

10 good reasons for the qualified personal electronic signature:

1. legally valid: the qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature
2. increased security: safer than the handwritten signature!
3. easier compliance and better traceability
4. integrity protection: the protection against changes is automatically included
5. convenient and fast: any time, any place and any time 
6. reaching future decision-makers of generation Y and Z: anytime, anywhere and immediately
7. added value: increase of process efficiency thanks to digitization
8. cost reduction: compared to analog signature processes. No expensive media breaks
9. modern and innovative: positioning as a modern & innovative service provider
10. ecological

QuoVadis Solutions

The qualified personal certificate can be obtained from QuoVadis as follows:

  • Tokenless with unlimited signing volume with the QuoVadis Signing Service. more
  • Tokenless incl. possibility to integrate your external customers into the signature process with PrimoSign Engine. more
  • As a qualified certificate on USB token. more